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10 Favorite Quotes on Love + Marriage

When I was little I knew that when I grew up I wanted to study the brain. I was fascinated by how the brain works, specifically thoughts & language and how humans relate to each other. The only problem is I couldn’t find a major that matched that.

So I settled for Speech & Language Pathology + human development minor while working part time for the university HR department. A couple years after graduating I found life coaching and latched on to thought work and cognitive behavioral therapy. My Thought/Language/Human Relations course of study was born!

I have always been a self-help junkie. It just manifests itself differently in each phase of my life. Most recently I’ve been fascinated by relationships between adults, and of course marriage.

Today I’m sharing my top 10 Favorite Marriage Quotes/Resources/Advice. I’ve read and listened to a ton of amazing material in the past couple years for my pretend self-declared study of Thought/Language/Human Relations. But my top two resources I keep turning back to again and again are Ramona Zabriskie’s book Wife for Life and the teachings of certified Life Coach Jody Moore and her mentor Brooke Castillo. This stuff is gold.

So if you like what you see, go check out the real deal!



Also, I created 3 phone wallpapers using my favorite three quotes from this bunch. It’s my gift to you to help you keep love in the front of your mind throughout the day.

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Leslie Mae Alder

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