I remember whenever my mom was shopping for a baby shower, she would always get something for the Older sibling. That simple act sums up my mom perfectly. She loves little children and toddlers are her specialty.

Whenever I’m invited to a baby shower I am reminded of her and I try to bring something for the older sibling, whether it’s a little treat, a coloring book, a small game, or a new picture book. The child feels recognized amid all the attention given to the new baby and mom has something new to pull out when she needs to keep the toddler occupied!

Here are some of my go to books that are perfect for baby and big brother or sister to enjoy together!

Little critter Just Me and My Little Sister

The companion books The New Baby and Just Me and My little Brother are also phenomenal. I love the imagination and future focus element-what will life be like when the baby grows up and can play with me?

The Very Little Girl

This is probably in the top five list of books from my earliest memories. My mom probably bought it for me to prepare me for my little sister. I love it. An oldie but definitely a goodie! I bought the companion book The Very Little Boy for my son when we found out we were expecting his little sister.

Ten Little Fingers

I picked this one up on a whim while shopping for baby clothes at Ross-I know, legendary for it’s wide selection in children’s literature. It was such a win! I loved the illustrations so much and wasn’t surprised to realized the same illustrator did the Tom and Pippo books (another adorable set for preschoolers). Babies LOVE looking at other babies and I love the simplicity of the color pallet and backgrounds of each page. I also love that it features babies as homes found all over the world! Start inspiring that wanderlust early mamas!

Little Blue Truck

It’s hard to find a rhyming book these days that doesn’t feel forced or contrived. I was skeptical of this one we received as a gift but it quickly became our all time favorite and has been for years. I have the entire book memorized and often recite it in the car to keep my kids occupied-that’s how popular it is around here. And if this book doesn’t make you wish you lived on a little country hillside I don’t know what will.

Where is Baby's Belly Button?

This is a good durable little book which is essential when you’re introducing lift the flaps to babies. I have the copy we read to my baby sister-almost 15 years ago!-and it’s still going strong.

Each Peach Pear Plum

This is one I grew up reading. I love the illustrations and the rhyming structure that connects all of the classic characters into one story. Such a beautiful and simple way to introduce your child to these fairytales.