My husband’s little sister was married this past summer. She is the first sibling to get married so it was kind of a big deal! Plus, my baby girl was going to be the flower girl! I was so excited.

I wanted to give a meaningful gift to help them remember the decisions and events that brought them to this new beginning in their lives. I decided to recreate the three panel love story I made for my husband years ago. I sent a message to her fiance asking for the most important dates in their relationship to add underneath each event and I was set!

But then she sent me a picture of her dress. I immediately knew that I had to include it in the design! The dress is, in my opinion, the centerpiece of the entire event-it completely embodies the bride’s style and personality.

In order to personalize it in the way I pictured in my head, I had to evolve the design from stick figures to a watercolor style artwork. But if I was going to detail the dress, I had to go all the way. As I started sketching, I kept coming up against details I didn’t know-what would her colors be? bouquet, hair up, hair down? bow tie? Neck tie? If I just had a picture to work off of...then I came to a realization-I needed to capture a moment that hadn’t even happened yet!

So I had to inconspicuously ask for her colors, hairstyle, bouquet to get the information I need to really make the portrait as accurate and unique as possible before the event even took place! I think I did a pretty good job

Weddings are funny things. Friends and family from every chapter of the couple’s lives are brought into one room-a surreal experience! And although all the guests love the bride and groom, they may not know the whole story of how they found each other. My sister-in-law and her new husband were able to share a snapshot of their love story with all of their friends and family coming to celebrate with them.

The final product turned out so well that I was wishing I had one of my own! So I went back and began the process of updating my love story panels. It has been such a creative way to reflect back on our wedding day and how far we have come.