I never considered myself an artist. I was the music kid. I picked up instruments as I went through childhood, not pencils or paint brushes.

I remember the day I discovered my mom’s hidden talent for drawing. I was in high school, finishing up a paper for homework at our home computer. I noticed a sketch drawn on the notepad next to the keyboard. I saw a girl with a ponytail listening to her iPod and carrying books.

I instantly recognized that girl as myself. My mom had completely captured my life in a doodle. It meant so much to me that she had been thinking about me sometime that day and put those thoughts to paper. And it showed me that she noticed me. Which for a teenager, is HUGE.

I held onto that memory and made a mental note to do the same for my kids because of how great an impact it had on me.

So I guess it only makes sense that when I was pregnant with my first child and preparing to share the new with my family and friends, a stick figure doodle was the first idea to come to mind.

I have always loved dates and how they can be strung together to tell a story. I sketched up a little timeline of the events that led up to that moment-our love story with corresponding dates. Then I tacked on a photo of the two of us holding our future bundle of joy captioned with my due date.

I combined the memory of my mom’s doodle with my love of dates to share the biggest events of my life’s love story in my home and with my favorite people. I loved the simplicity and the joy I found in the final product. And it was a hit with my friends on facebook!

Funny side note…

It turns out babies don’t know their due dates and rarely come on time. My baby was born four days early and I realized I would have to do a little post-production editing.

So next time, I was smart enough to write the date in pencil ;)