Gifts for the couple you’re close to (beyond toasters and bath mats)

1. Love Story Journal by Promptly Journals

I first purchased Promptly Childhood Journals to document my kids’ lives from pregnancy through age 18 and I loved them! So I was thrilled when they created a marriage journal to document everything from when you first met through 50+ years of marriage. I love that it can be a place for anniversary reflections for our entire life together.

2. Movie Night gift basket

My friend gave this to me at my bridal shower and I loved it! She included popcorn, movie snacks and one of her favorite DVDs in a popcorn bowl. You could also include movie tickets, gift card to an online streaming service in place of a specific movie.

3.  First home gift basket

We received what I call the ‘awkward practical stuff’ gift basket from my aunt. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least! It was filled with really useful household items that you wouldn’t necessarily think to get and would be awkward the first time you needed it as a new couple. A laundry basket filled with a fly swatter, plunger, toilet paper, and soap ended up being one of the most memorable and certainly the most used gifts we recieved!

4.  Love Story Timeline

Our love story timeline was the first artwork hung on our walls in our first tiny apartment. And it made a great conversation piece everytime we had new friends over for dinner. Read how the design came together here

5.  Meal Delivery Service Gift Card

We promised ourselves that when we got a ‘real job’ we would try out one of these meal delivery services that seem to be popping up all over the place. We tried a few blue apron meals and loved them all! We used them for special occasions, aka date night, and the experience of cooking something classy together was just as enjoyable as the meal itself. A gift card to one of these meal kit delivery services would be such a fun gift/date night for a new couple!

Hello Fresh gift card
Blue Apron gift card

6.  Night Sky Print

I first came across this accompany scrolling through instagram and I just think they are beautiful! I’m always looking for ways to bring nature into our home through plants or wood tones but I never thought about images of the night sky. You choose any date, the day you first met, wedding day, any meaningful night and they print out an image of what the night sky looked like from the events location that night! I think it’s so unique and such a personal gift!

7.  One Years Worth of date nights

A family member gifted us a book of one year’s worth of Family Home Evening activities for newlyweds. It included practical information, articles and resources from everything to financial practices to conflict resolution, to creating our family culture. It was something we looked forward to every Monday night. An alternative would be a years worth of date nights. Bonus points if they’re free and/or prepaid!

8. Relationship Course

I studied family life in college and learned a ton about family dynamics and the marriage relationship. But that education only made me want to learn more! Unfortunately, I’m no longer in a school setting with professors and textbooks at my disposal. But I have found some amazing resources for furthering education when it comes to things that matter most in life-relationships. Books are wonderful resources but live, interactive online classes take learning and application to a whole new level. I highly recommend these to everyone! Regardless of how long you’ve been in a committed relationship. Check out courses from two of my all time favorite teachers on the marriage relationship below.

Natalie Clay-Foundations of Marriage

Jennifer Finlayson-fife

Grab your free download-phone wallpapers of my 3 favorite quotes on love + marriage I created to help you keep your relationship front and center everyday.