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Personalize your Master Bedroom: Unique Gift for Spouse

Remember the post I wrote a while ago about creating a nursery you’ll remember for decades? I took the same inspiration from the five senses and applied them to the master bedroom. Think about what your bedroom is like now.

I once heard that the state of your master bedroom is a reflection of the state of your marriage. If that makes you feel guilty then you’re not alone! Invest a little time and you’ll end up with a beautiful comfortable space and a deposit in your relationship bank account.

Take a quick inventory-what does your master bedroom sound, look, feel, smell and taste like? Choose one thing to change or add for each of the five senses and you’ll be surprised at how big of a difference it will make!

Hear Your Love Song Lyrics

Display your love song lyrics on the wall. I always have a song running through my head and I love the visual cue that gets ‘our song’ stuck in my head from the moment I wake up.

Smell Candle or Perfume

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

I’ve had the same perfume since college-I don’t use it very often! But when I do it always takes me back to my college days and our dating days! Smell really is so powerful when it comes to memories. Bring back an old scent or make memories with a new one! Perfume, cologne, or a candle will do the trick.

Sight Couple Portraits

I love the advice to make the Master bedroom a retreat, separate from your home’s common areas. A space just for you and your spouse. One way to do that is to only hang photos of the two of you and keep the family photos for the family areas in your home. It sounded odd at first, especially when you’re in the younger phase of life and EVERY photo of your baby or toddler is adorable. But I’ve tried it and I love the feel it gives to our room. The last time we took family photos, I asked the photographer to take some ‘fake engagement’ photos of us as we were coming up on our 5 year wedding anniversary. I’m in love with them. It’s so fun to compare them to our actual engagement and wedding photos.

Get creative with photo placement! I had an extra little frame and ended up putting a photo of us in our master bathroom. Weird, right? But it actually makes so much sense! How much time do you spend in there getting ready for the day or ready for bed? The master bath is the perfect place for a dolled up photo of you and your sweetheart.

If you want to add some contrast to traditional photos, order a custom portrait. It’s the perfect blend of art and photography! Couple portraits, specifically recreating wedding photos, are my FAVORITE thing to create for customers. Mostly because I get to drool over all the different dresses I draw! It’s such a fun challenge to capture a wedding dress as part of a portrait. Order yours for Valentine's Day! I send you the digital file and give you a full print release so it's perfect for you last-minute shoppers-no ship time! You'll have the final image just days after you order. Order Here!

Touch-Make it comfortable!

The first thing you touch in the morning after getting out of the bed is your feet hitting the floor. That first contact should be inviting and soothing-it’s the only way to break that negative association with the irritating alarm clock. Invest in a really comfy rug to put beside your bed. Your feet will thank you.

Taste Sweets for your Sweetheart

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Growing up, I would always sneak into my parents room to steal two things- loose change and butterscotch candies (sorry mom!). Every time I see butterscotch candies I think of my childhood home and specifically my parents room. Create another association to happiness at home and in your marriage by adding something sweet! Keep your (and his) favorite candy in a jar beside your bed. But be sure to keep it out of reach of little hands-especially if it's chocolate (ask me how I know this).

There you have it! I hope this list inspired you to take a look beyond paint color and throw pillows to the details that you’ll actually remember decades from now when you think back on the good old days.

Leslie Mae Alder
Leslie Mae Alder

I help women blend the most important moments in their family’s love story into their homes with meaningful artwork.

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