7 Alternatives to a Guest Book

I had a pretty small, minimalist wedding...before minimalism was really a thing. I had a few things that were important to me and the rest I wanted to keep as simple as possible. For me, the things that mattered most were my dress, the pictures, and the cake. Everything else I sort of just let happen.

I didn't want to spend a lot of time or money on reception decorations so we had it in a friend's gorgeous backyard, rented some chairs, and at the last minute ended up reusing flowers from a reception the night before that happened to be our colors!

We didn't have a line or a formal entrance. We just kept it very simple. One thing I wish we would have included, was a display to share a little bit about ourselves with our guests. After all, the majority of the guests only knew one of us.

I also wish we would have better recorded the guests who did come to our reception. We had a guest book set out but it wasn't in a very visible place so it didn't get a lot of traffic. And let's be honest. The guests aren't there to sign the guest book. They're coming for the bride and groom!

So I found 7 great alternatives to the traditional guest book table. Check them out! You can find more ideas that didn't make the cut on my Pinterest board here.

  1. Sign a Leaf: Trees always make me think of family so it’s such a beautiful image to have at a wedding!

  1. Date Jar: Guest sign-in AND a gift: two-in-one! Can’t get better than that! The newlyweds can leave their reception with their first year of dates planned for them!

  1. Slip in the Chip Frame: I love how this takes a boring guest list and transforms it into a piece of art to be displayed in the couple’s first home.

  1. Signed Monogram: You could choose the first letter of your last name or the initials of the bride and groom.

  1. Love Story Art: Display personalized art to share with your guests a piece of your love story

  1. Engagement Book: My cousin did this at her wedding with a photo book of their engagement photos. Their photos were themed around their love of sports and favorite football team. It was a perfect way to share their personality with their guests. And how fun will it be for their kids to look through it in the future and see their parents playing in those pictures.

  1. Polaroid Guest Book: I’m a lover of photography so if I saw this at a reception I would be all over it! I can imagine some specific friends and family of mine who would get really creative with their polaroid shots

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